Support your local student chapter!

Support your local student chapters to participate in the 2016 Seismic Design Competition

It is time to repeat last year’s successful initiative to connect the local EERI student chapters that are participating in the annual Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition with potential sponsors to help support students for this year’s EERI Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

The objective of the Seismic Design Competition (SDC) is to design, model and construct a cost-effective 16-29-story tall scaled balsa wood model building that can resist shake table testing with three ground motions of increasing intensity. Each year approximately 40 teams compete, representing universities across the globe. In addition to the performance of the model under ground shaking, the teams will be scored based on various other criteria, including the prediction of peak roof drift and acceleration based on computer modeling, the quality of their presentation and poster, and the building architecture. If you have ever attended an EERI Annual Meeting, you’ll remember the excitement the SDC adds to the event, and what a great experience this if for the students.

Three of the Northern California EERI student chapters, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, and San Francisco State University, are planning to participate in the 2016 Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition. Please read on to learn more about two of the teams, and we encourage you to contact the team contacts listed to make a (tax deductible!) donation. Donations large and small will support the teams that have worked so hard on designing and building the models.

University of California, Berkeley

Team contact: Lillian Fang

Seismic Group PhotoThe Cal Seismic Design Team is a group of highly motivated Engineering students focused on structural design, modeling and analysis. Comprised of around 30 undergraduates, the team is the epicenter of the study and practice of earthquake engineering among undergraduate students at UC Berkeley.

Last year, the UC Berkeley team won third place overall in the competition in Boston, and in 2014, they won second place overall in the competition in Anchorage, recognizing the team’s “understanding of advanced seismic systems and effective use of both analysis modeling and shake table testing.”

Full of energy and excitement, this year’s team has devoted many hours each week to construction, analysis, and testing of their entry and the team is looking forward to representing Berkeley at the competition in their own backyard, San Francisco.

San Francisco State University

Team contact: Stephen Schork

Team Photo With LogoEERI SDC judges have already scored the SFSU team’s proposal somewhere within the top nine. The team started this year’s design process by researching structural optimization, inspired by Alessandro Beghini’s paper published in the ASCE Structures Congress 2015 proceedings. Designs were modeled with SAP2000 to calculate stresses, displacements, accelerations, and resonant frequencies. The team built a full-scale test structure to measure accelerations and observe the performance of the design and construction methods before the competition.

In the remaining few weeks, the team will finish the final structure with high hopes to place well in competition. Any support is much appreciated.

Donations can be made here:

EERI NC Chapter and Member Contributions at March Chapter Meeting

In addition to sending a solicitation to our members, the EERI NC Chapter will highlight the Seismic Design Competition and the various local student chapter teams at out Chapter meeting on March 15, 2016. An at-the-door collection from meeting attendees will raise funds to sponsor the teams, and our Chapter will match the proceeds of the collection. The money will be split between the various local student chapter teams.

We look forward to growing these and other initiatives over the next few years, and make this one more way for the local EERI Student Chapters to get funding for participation in the seismic design competition.

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