Launch of Albany Adopt-a-City Program – Upcoming ways to participate!

The EERI NC Chapter is happy to announce the launch of the Adopt-a-City Program for the City of Albany.  The initiative’s goal is to improve understanding of the risk, vulnerability and impacts of a future earthquake for cities along the Hayward Fault, and to empower stakeholders within those cities to take action to mitigate their earthquake risk. We will start in 2012 by focusing on the city of Albany.

Please join in this hands-on, volunteer activity to help make Bay Area communities safer.  Our first planning meeting for this program will be on February 7, 2012 at noon.  If you would like to participate, please contact Heidi Faison at for more information.

Our first activity will be to make a comprehensive inventory of the buildings in the city, in partnership with Albany city officials.  This inventory will identify the building types in Albany that may be vulnerable to damage in earthquakes.

On February 7, we will begin planning for the entire program and form a committee to start detailed planning for the building inventory effort.  We plan to discuss the ways we expect to use this inventory, identify the information that needs to be collected, review data collection forms used in other inventory efforts, and explore using prepopulated databases and mobile devices (e.g., ipads or smartphone) to assist in the inventory collection.

If you cannot join us on February 7, there will be many future ways you can participate:

  • Review and provide feedback about the draft inventory procedures and forms developed by the committee above.
  • Help pre-populate the inventory database with information from online sources such as Google Earth and Albany’s assessors data.  This pre-population of information will be later verified and enhanced by participants who join in an inventory field day.
  • Join a committee to coordinate the logistics for a field day in Albany where volunteers will complete a thorough inventory using the forms and pre-populated database developed above.
  • Volunteer for a one-day walking inventory field activity throughout the City of Albany – likely to take place in summer 2012.
  • Work on defining specific seismic hazard information for Albany.
  • Participate in customized HAZUS runs for Albany, using the seismic hazard and inventory information described above.
  • Join a working group that will write and present a summarizing report to City stakeholders about the inventory results, hazard data, etc.

For more information about the Adopt-a-City program, visit the EERI NC Site:

EERI Northern California Chapter | c/o EERI National | 499 14th Street Suite 320 | Oakland, CA 94612-1934 USA |