Progress Meeting for the Concrete Coalition

Nov. 23, 2009

A joint meeting of SEAONC EBC, YMF and EERI NC Chapter

Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Venue: Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger, One Market St,  Suite #600 , San Francisco

Please RSVP by email to Juliane Lane at EERI by Monday November 16th if you plan to attend.

Come to a meeting of the Northern California chapter of EERI and SEAONC (EBC and YMF) to learn more about the recent progress made by the Concrete Coalition to determine the number of older concrete buildings in the 22  California counties with the highest seismic risk.  The purpose of the meeting will be to review progress to date with the Concrete Coalition‐‐estimates that have come in from volunteers in various Northern CA cities, approaches used by the volunteers, the development of a regression model to provide further estimates of the total number of buildings in California, and next steps.

The Concrete Coalition has received a time extension on its California Inventory project so even if you missed the first deadlines there is still time to participate.

We are still looking for volunteers:
1. to adopt cities that have been identified as high priority cities
2. to assist with cities where counts have begun but not yet finished
3. to gather further, more detailed data on buildings in San Francisco

Based on successes to date, specific instructions will be provided to future volunteers about how to approach the data‐gathering for items 1 and 2. Training followed by a one‐day walk‐around in San Francisco with students from UC Berkeley to gather further data on the SF buildings is planned for
item 3. We will encourage people to work in small teams.

6:00 pm Light dinner available

6:30 pm Overview of progress:
# of cities/# of buildings
projections made by regression model
discussion about results

7:00 pm Specific reporting from two cities (Alameda and SF) + collage of approaches from many of the other 22 cities in Northern CA where we have estimates

7:25 pm Still looking for volunteers:
high priority cities where we are looking for volunteers cities that have been started where we need assistance specific instructions for how to proceed (we’ll have a handout that summarizes a typical approach in a medium‐sized city)

7:40 pm Time frame for completion, progress on next steps (identifying which buildings most vulnerable)

8:00 pm Adjourn


For more information see the meeting announcement or contact Marjorie Greene at EERI.

EERI Northern California Chapter | c/o EERI National | 499 14th Street Suite 320 | Oakland, CA 94612-1934 USA |