November 20th Chapter Meeting

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Have you always looked for ways to mentor students? Is your firm looking for enthusiastic engineers-to-be? Join your Chapter Colleagues for an interesting evening of presentation on post-earthquake reconnaissance preparations in California followed by lively presentations by local San Francisco Bay Area student chapters. In the first segment of the meeting we will hear from Anne Rosinski on California Earthquake Clearinghouse for post-earthquake reconnaissance. The event will follow by hearing from local students presenting their projects and discussing the ways they would like to engage with professional community. This is the chance to get creative and engage them!

Time: 5:30-7:30pm
Where: EPICENTER, 245 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.  (Map)
RSVP: We would appreciate your RSVP by Monday November 18th so we can bring enough food and drink. But feel free to bring along a colleague on your way to the meeting.

Presentation on the California Earthquake Clearinghouse (CEC) for post-earthquake reconnaissance

followed by presentation by local student chapters 

Speakers: Anne Rosinski, California Geological Survey


The Clearinghouse was formed by five federal, state, and private organizations to provide a location, real or virtual, after a damaging earthquake for engineers, geologists, seismologists, sociologists, economists, and other professionals who arrive in the affected area to share information.  The Clearinghouse facilitates the gathering of information, maximizes its availability, and better uses the talents of those present to provide information to emergency responders and others about the effects of damaging earthquakes.   The Clearinghouse will activate in response to M6 or greater earthquakes anywhere in California.   Earthquakes in different regions present different logistical challenges; an earthquake on a strike-slip fault in the Los Angeles region is very different from an earthquake with accompanying tsunami generated by the Cascadia subduction zone in northern California.  One of the greatest challenges to the Clearinghouse is to activate quickly in response to these very different scenarios.  The emerging Clearinghouse concept of operations is to partner with earthquake organizations throughout California to leverage the knowledge of local experts to create regional response teams.    These local experts can help the Clearinghouse identify facilities to host a physical clearinghouse, coordinate overflight efforts and facilitate rapid hazard assessment.

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