2017 Election Results Announced

The 2017 election came to an end December 8, 2017. Chapter members elected three new Directors at-large and a President-Elect.

We are happy to welcome Mike Mieler, Chiara McKenney, and Curt Haselton to the Board. Mike, Chiara, and Curt were elected to the position of Director at-large to serve a two-year term. Current Secretary-Treasurer Dana Brechwald was elected to the position of President-Elect. This is a one-year term, followed by a two-year term as President and one-year term as Past-President

Congratulations to all elected board members and thank you to outgoing Past-President Betsy Matheison and Directors Jeff Bond, Ibbi Amulfti, and Gerry Brady for your tenure of service to the Chapter.

The board also thanks the nominating committee of Laurie Johnson, Laurence Kornfield, Ayse Hortascu, and all voting Chapter members!

See your complete 2018 Board of Directors here.

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