2016 EERI-NC Chapter Award

Patrick Otellini was chosen this year for Northern California EERI Chapter s Individual Award for Leadership, Innovation, and Outstanding Accomplishments in earthquake risk reduction.

Patrick celebrating the passage of the mandatory soft-story retrofit ordinance in San Francisco in 2013.

Patrick was unanimously selected by the 2016 Nominating Committee and Board for his energy and impact working for the City of San Francisco on its earthquake mitigation and resilience programs. Patrick joined the City in 2012, just as the Community Action Plan for Seismic Safetyproject was wrappingup and the new Earthquake Safety Implementation Plan was being launched. Patrick enthusiastically took on leadership during this critical transition time. His vision and formidable political skills contributed to passage of ESIP’s milestone soft-story ordinance. Other successful initiatives followed, including a private school evaluation ordinance, completion of a lifelines study, and a number of topical working groups.

San Francisco’s progress under Patrick’s watch caught the attention of resilience advocates at a global scale. He successful shepherded San Franciscoinbecomingone of the first Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities. As part ofthat program, he was selected as the world’s first Chief Resilience Officer. Anyone who knows Patrick can tell he was the perfect choice. An articulate spokesperson and knowledgeable bridge-builder, Patrick significantly raised the visibility of earthquake issues and managed a talented team that made quick, concrete progress. As a result, the Bay Area community is more aware and prepared, with long-lasting ripple effects that have spread throughout the 100RC city network. Patrick recently joined Swinerton to work on other development projects. Congratulations to Patrick and his supportive family as they enter a new chapter in their lives.

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