School Safety Program

The goal of EERI’s NC School Safety Committee is to educate school administrators and teachers and help high seismic risk schools reduce their risk and minimize life loss in a big earthquake. We hope to do this through a combination of outreach programs, risk surveys, emergency planning assistance, disaster response training, and self-help equipment anchorage programs. The committee is developing a resource list of volunteers for the following activities:

·  Structural engineers to conduct risk surveys of northern Californian schools to identify structural and nonstructural seismic risks.

·  Emergency planners to update emergency plans.

·  CERT Trainers to teach emergency response to school staff.

·  Engineers to develop an equipment anchorage training manual for public schools.

If you are interested in helping with any of the above activities, please email me at and provide the following information: your contact information, the activity you want to volunteer for, and your field of expertise. The email subject line should be:  EERI schools volunteer – your name.  Thank you.

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